Can Parents/Guardians watch?

At Signature Dance Academy we encourage all student to take part without their parents/guardians watching. We feel our students work very well with this arrangment as it encourages individualistic learning.

Our studio's have glass doors or walls so have a peep if need be!

Do they need uniform straight away?

Not at all, uniform is not needed until the student is happy and committed. New students are encouraged to wear something comfortable and free moving. Once they are settled, uniform can be purchased from our reception. Please see our Uniform Page for details about our uniform and prices.

Is there a free taster class available?

Yes absolutely! We offer one free taster on any of our classes. This will show any new student what we do at Signature Dance Academy and help them decide if they are ready to join

Team Signature!

Once they have settled in to Signature Dance Academy payment will be arranged.

Does the teacher have any qualifications?

Yes! We truly believe qualifications are very important. Our teachers have relevant teaching Qualfication, First Aid Certficate's, DBS checks and full Chaperone Licences. This will comfort you when leaving your child in our care. All certificates are at reception available to look through.